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February 19, 2004

Action Alert:  Tell Congress to Extend 9/11 Commission’s Deadline

Two weeks ago, thanks to public pressure from 9/11 families, the White House reversed course and issued a public statement agreeing to a two-month extension to the 9/11 Commission’s deadline for issuing its final report.  Unfortunately, this statement appears to be a publicity stunt, because in the past two weeks there has been no evidence that the White House has done anything to make this promise a reality.  The White House’s allies in Congress, including Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert, continue to oppose any extension.

If an extension of at least two months isn’t enacted by Congress, the Commission will not be able to finish its work.  The Commission will have to cancel important hearings and interviews and will not have time to analyze critical documents.  The result will be an incomplete report that is likely to leave answerable questions unanswered and fail to provide a full list of recommendations for preventing future attacks.

We need your help to convince Congress to pass legislation giving the Commission an extension. 

You can do two things:

1) Send a fax to Scott Palmer, Rep. Hastert’s Chief of Staff, at fax number 202-225-0697, and tell him you want Rep. Hastert to support an extension of the Commission’s deadline.  If you don’t have access to a fax machine, you can call Mr. Palmer at 202-225-0600 or 202-225-2976.

2) Contact your own representative and senators urging them to support the bills that would grant the Commission an extension:  H.R. 3771 in the House and S. 2040 in the Senate.  You can contact your representative by going to the Web site http://www.house.gov/writerep.  You can e-mail your senators by going to http://www.senate.gov, choosing your state from the pull down menu, and clicking on the Web forms of the two senators.

This matter requires urgent attention, because the Commission must know soon whether it will receive an extension if it is to plan effectively for its last few months of work.