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March 30, 2004

Dear Family Member:

After the March 11, 2004 terrorist attacks in Spain, Families of September 11 immediately reached out to families in Madrid, offering compassionate letters and words to victims’ families and the nation’s leaders.  Some of the letters, interviews and photos shared were featured on Spanish television and in news publications. 

As 9/11 family members, we have all been directly affected by terrorism, have seen the devastating after effects of such terrible acts, and have slowly taken steps to recover from our loss and rebuild our families.  Together, we have learned so much.

We are calling upon you now to help us as we prepare to reach out to others going forward.  With your insight and feedback, we hope to create resources for families and communities that are unexpectedly impacted by terrorism.  Please reply to this email or send your responses to the following questions to this email address: info@familiesofseptember11.org

Family Member Feedback: Terrorism Response and Future Preparedness

1. What advice would you give other families to help them to deal with the first few weeks and months after a terrorist attack has taken their loved one?

2. What kinds of tools, resources, websites, organizations, or materials were most helpful to you in the first few weeks and months following September 11th?  If possible, please share names and titles of books or materials that were useful, so we may share this information with others.

3. How can communities become better prepared for future events?  What kind of emergency preparedness exists in your community and, if applicable, in your children’s schools?  Please describe the protocol and procedures in your community that address community trauma.

4. If you have additional information related to these questions, please share it here.

In the last week, we have received many emails from members supporting our request for volunteers.  We appreciate your messages and willingness and look forward to calling for your assistance in the near future.  Thank you for your time and consideration.