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May 20, 2004

Dear Families:

We know it's been an emotional week with the 9-11 hearings.  In addition, this week we asked you to participate in an important grief survey and many of you responded.  If you haven't done so already, please visit http://www.9-11survey.org and complete the survey. We also want to take this opportunity to update you on the status of the “memorial names” issue.  Several months ago, we wrote to ask you for opinions on the way in which names of our loved ones be listed.  A majority of you supported a non-random, alphabetized listing, with many also in favor of some grouping by tower location and many opposing an insignia or shield.

The current draft that has been worked on by family group representatives proposes to include adding the age of the victim and the floor on which he or she worked next to the person’s name, where applicable, and also proposes adding a descriptive statement about any company or organization under which the names may be grouped, again, where applicable.  

Please note that the memorial complex will include a memorial center museum that is expected to have an area for tributes about the individual victims and rescuers as well as descriptions of the affected organizations.  While we agree that the memorial itself should identify the names in the manner the majority of the families have agreed to, i.e. with some order, designation and location, we believe the memorial center will be the appropriate venue for families to provide specific information that will help portray their relatives, whether age, floor location or some other manner of descriptive narrative.  Listing more information on the memorial itself will, we feel, lessen the impact of the name and also reduce the impact of the memorial tributes in the museum due to repetition.

We have had discussions with many of you, our members, on this issue, but as always, remain interested in any thoughts you may have.  Please send comments to info@familiesofseptember.org by Monday, May 24th if possible.  Thank you for your time and consideration.