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September 28, 2004

Dear FOS11 Members:

In response to your inquiries, below please find a list of the committee hearings on the proposed House legislation, HR.5040, the 9/11 Commission Report Implementation Act of 2004 introduced by Representatives Shays and Maloney (read the Press Release). This bill was introduced as a House version of the Commissioner-supported Senate bill S.2774 (McCain/Lieberman); both bills focus on implementation of the 9/11 Commission's 41 recommendations. The House version is being "marked up" (debated) by various House committees in open sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. These hearings will be attended by members of the Families Steering Committee and are also open to others who may wish to attend. We are also including an article that seeks to explain the various bills and another article that draws attention to a yet-to-be-introduced bill from House Republican Leaders that is purported to have substantial differences with the above-mentioned bills.

These activities require close monitoring, especially in light of the planned adjournment of Congress at the beginning of October. Families of September 11 will try to keep you up to date and we recommend you familiarize yourself with the information and stay in touch with House leaders and with your local Representative. Furthermore, we urge you to make certain you know exactly where your Representative or Senator stands on these major bills, particularly if he or she is running for office -- and vote.

Click here to learn how to reach your elected officials. For voter registration information, including how to register to vote, please visit Project Vote Smart. Thank you.

Chairman James Sensenbrenner
Wed., September 29, 10:00 AM
2141 Rayburn
Full Committee markup of 9/11 bill
Continuing on September 30

Chairman Tom Davis
Wed., September 29, 10:00 AM
2154 Rayburn

Chairman Peter Hoekstra
Wed., September 29, 1:00 PM
2175 Rayburn

Chairman Duncan Hunter
Wed., September 29, 1:00 PM
Lg. Hearing Room

Chairman Michael Oxley
Wed., September 29, 10:00 AM
2128 Rayburn

Chairman Don Young
Wed, September 29, 11:00 AM
2157 Rayburn

9/11 Commission Report Implementation Act of 2004
(Shays, Maloney)

9/11 Commission Report Implementation Act of 2004
(McCain, Lieberman)

National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004
(Collins, Lieberman)

For the latest news and information, please visit the In the News section on the Families of September 11 website.

House Security Bill Differs From Senate Plan
September 25, 2004
The Washington Post reports that House Republican leaders, unveiling their proposal to restructure the government's intelligence operations, yesterday placed much more emphasis on beefing up border control and law enforcement powers than has the Senate. Note: To read this article, you must first register with the Washington Post. 

House, Senate Diverge on 9/11 Response
September 27, 2004
The Christian Science Monitor reports that with most of its legislative work unfinished, the closing days of the 108th Congress are coming down to a quick march to get some form of the 9/11 commission recommendations into law. House GOP leaders, who once opposed using the commission's final report as the template for reform, have moved closer to it in recent weeks. But the House version still differs from the Senate's on issues from new law enforcement authorities to whether the Pentagon should be forced to accept a lower profile in intelligence decisions -- setting up turf battles among lawmakers.

We encourage FOS11 members to write in with questions about legislation and/or other 9/11-related policy initiatives. Post your thoughts on our bulletin board or email any questions to info@familiesofseptember11.org.