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December 10, 2004

Our second package of tools for parents and caregivers focuses on dealing with the holidays. Holidays are naturally a time of stress because of the great emphasis placed on both “celebration” and “consumption” and because of the expectations and potential letdown that this time of year can produce in children of all ages.

This package consists of articles by professionals who deal with children affected by trauma and ideas for understanding the effect of the holiday season on these children along with ideas on how to help children derive meaning and joy from the season. We would like to hear from you about any ideas or approaches you have found successful, so that we might share them with other parents and caregivers. Working together, we can provide a better tomorrow for our children.

Statement by Board President, MaryEllen Salamone

Children and Teens Speak about Grief

Penguins to the Middle

Trauma and Loss: Tips for the Holidays

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