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December 22, 2004

Share Your Thoughts about Crisis with
NJ Governor's Task Force on Mental Health

New Jersey has created a Governor's Task Force on Mental Health. We are pleased to announce that Families of September 11 President MaryEllen Salamone has been appointed to a committee that will focus specifically on immediate response within local communities to mental health needs in the immediate aftermath of a crisis such as September 11, 2001. MaryEllen is ably representing the "consumer" point of view as a 9/11 family member and mother of three children as well as an advocate and she is championing adequate and appropriate training and an organized response specific to an event of such magnitude.
Now FOS11 members in New Jersey have a chance to contribute their thoughts as to what would work best for individuals, families and children impacted by trauma and terror. Please visit http://www.nj.gov/mentalhealth/ and click on "Contact" under "Programs that Work." There, you can share your thoughts about what mental health resources and programs were most effective in your communities or what you might like to see implemented in the future. Your input will help New Jersey create a response model that could serve as the basis for action in communities across the nation.