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May 17, 2005

FOS11 Statement in Support of
Markey-Shays Cargo Security Amendment

Families of September 11 (FOS11) stands in strong support of the Markey-Shays cargo security amendment requiring screening of all cargo on passenger airplanes. Almost four years after 19 men hijacked four planes and murdered 3,000 of our nation's citizens and more than 16 years after a bomb exploded on Pan Am 103, killing hundreds, our country's aviation passengers are left perilously unprotected by the lack of screening of material in airplane cargo holds.

Our state of aviation security is incomplete without including mandatory cargo screening for passenger planes. No passenger can feel safe without knowing that all baggage and cargo has been screened for explosives and dangerous materials, just as each passenger and hand luggage must be screened before boarding. In a time when we are constantly warned of looming threats against our safety, it would be negligent not to take the necessary precautions to make flying in our nation as safe as it can be.

Families of September 11 urges immediate passage of the Markey-Shays cargo security amendment as part of H.R. 1817, the Homeland Security Authorization bill for FY06.

Fact Sheet on Markey-Shays Amendments

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