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December 5, 2005

In light of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) December 2nd announcement regarding its prohibited items list, Families of September 11 renews its calls for complete and effective aviation security.  We are pleased that no knives of any length will be allowed on planes, a notion once considered, but correctly rejected by TSA Director Kip Hawley.  We are also encouraged that emphasis will be placed on explosive detection, an area in aviation security that has lagged behind far too long.

However, the relaxation of rules regarding scissors and tools is a step back in aviation security, a step we cannot afford to take.  Terrorists demonstrated the lethal effect of small sharp objects on September 11, 2001, and we must remain vigilant against the use of any weapon, no matter its size.  Since small scissors and tools are currently considered dangerous and are accordingly banned. We see no change that makes them any safer by December 22nd, when they are scheduled to be allowed on airplanes.

FOS11 supports congressional efforts to keep the prohibited item list intact to ensure the safety of the flying public.  We believe that explosive detection at airport checkpoints is critical to aviation security, but it need not come at the expense of conventional weapon detection.  FOS11 remains committed to ensuring the highest level of aviation security to protect airplane passengers, crews, and the American public.



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