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July 7, 2006

FOS11 Statement: London 7/7 One Year Later

Families of September 11 (FOS11) would like to take a moment to extend our care and concern to the people of London and the families that were affected by the bombings one year ago.  There are not words to soothe or lessen their pain, but we must let every victim of terror know that they do not stand alone.  It is a sad fact that victims of terror can be found across the world.  However, our terrible experiences have brought us together and we have come to realize that there is truly strength in numbers.
Last July, many of our members shared their thoughts of solidarity through our Bulletin Board:
My prayers, condolences, and support are with the families who were affected by the horrible events in London on July 7. I know that at this time the shock, terror, and disbelief have probably not set in yet, but just know that I, who lost my husband on 9/11, and other families who have experienced the same type of tragedy are here in mind and spirit for you. I am truly sorry for your pain and loss. Please know that the people of United States will be here for you now and in the future. -- FOS11 Member, Relative of Victim
This moment of remembrance reminds us that we remain dedicated in our work to raise awareness of the effects of public trauma and to champion policies that protect against and respond to terrorist acts.  We thank you for joining with us in these important endeavors and wish you continued strength.

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