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August 10, 2006

The arrests in London and the evidence gathered there reaffirm the need for all of us to be mindful of our vulnerabilities and the determination of some to exploit them.  Families of September 11 urges all travelers to cooperate with those trying to ensure our safety, not only when they travel, but before they start their trips.  We recommend that you call ahead to contact your carrier and follow the new restrictions when you pack your bags.  Make it easier on the screeners, Transportation Safety Officers, flight crew and other public officials, who are doing their best to keep us safe and get us to our destinations as quickly as possible. 
We, the masses of innocent civilians, need to let the terrorists, only the few among us, know that we oppose them and that we will show our opposition by making their efforts to harm us more difficult.
FOS11 also understands that this heightened alert may cause anxiety for all of us and urges our members and the public to take steps to reduce stress when possible.  Allow enough time in your travel plans for increased security and talk to family and friends about your feelings.  FOS11 remains committed to being both a trusted source of information as well as a support to those of us who have been affected by acts of terror and continue to be affected by these threats.