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August 29, 2006

Dear FOS11 Members,

Families of September 11 has been working with the newly created National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement (NCSCB) to raise awareness of how schools can support students, teachers and parents who are struggling with issues of loss and bereavement. FOS11 advisory board member, MaryEllen Salamone, has developed an introductory letter to school administrators/educators, and Dr. David Schonfeld, Director of the NCSCB has prepared helpful guidelines for preparing for the fifth anniversary of 9/11. This commemoration comes at a particularly difficult time in the school year. Many students may be new to their classrooms or to their school. Teachers will only recently have met their students. Therefore assessing students' reactions may be challenging. The degree of a child's reaction may vary depending upon a child's and his/her family's experiences since September 11, 2001. Recent losses or traumatic events, as well as other factors related to young persons' individual life experiences and unique needs, will also affect their reactions. The guidelines and suggestions in the materials attached offer helpful insights to teachers and other school personell in assisting students and their familes during this difficult time.

To read the letter and guidelines click here.