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November 27, 2006

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Dear FOS11 Member,

Children of September 11 (COS11) is proud to participate in the 2006-2007 Booz Allen Hamilton-Redskins Yards for Youth program. We are thankful for the pledges we have received, but still need your help to meet our goal!

We are one of a number of participating nonprofits to benefit from funds pledged for offensive yards gained by the Redskins during the 2006-2007 football season. Yards for Youth will raise funds throughout the football season—from September’s home opener to the final game in December—and beyond if the Redskins make the playoffs! With your support, every time an offensive yard is gained, we win!

How can you help us reach our goal?

Pledge a specific amount of money for each offensive yard gained during the 2006-2007 Washington Redskins season or make a one-time set contribution to support COS11. For each offensive yard gained, your contribution will help us reach our goal. For example, if you pledge .01 cent per yard and the Redskins gain 6,000 offensive yards (combination of passing and rushing yards), your total donation at the end of the season would be $60.

To make a pledge or one-time donation to Children of September 11, log onto http://www.yardsforyouth.org/SeptemberChildren. Your support may help us receive a matching funds grant of up to $2,500. For the first 20 small nonprofits with the highest amount of individual donations, Booz Allen Hamilton will match funds up to $2,500. 

Consider asking your corporation to become a corporate sponsor in support of COS11. Booz Allen Hamilton will match the first 15 small nonprofits (which are participating in the Yards for Youth program) that obtain a $5,000 corporate sponsorship.

Yards for Youth builds upon the strong commitment to social philanthropy in the local community that global consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton and the Redskins have cultivated over the years.

About Children of September 11
Children of September 11 was founded by Families of September 11, in response to the unique needs of children who lost parents and family members in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  Families of September 11 is a nonprofit organization founded in October 2001 by families of those who died on 9/11.  Membership is open to anyone affected by the events of September 11, be they family members, survivors, responders, as well as those who support the organization’s mission.