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March 28, 2007

Dear FOS11 members,

We are in the process of creating our Spring 2007 Remembrance and Wellness Newsletter. The theme we are exploring in this mailing is post-traumatic growth which is the experience where some survivors of crises report increased functioning and change after living through a serious trauma. The concept of post-traumatic growth, pushes us to look at our lives and see how we are different than we were before - different not just in terms of our losses and sorrow, but also in terms of what we have learned. Post-traumatic growth makes us aware of what we can do today that we couldn’t do in the past and what strengths we have that we didn't know were there before. Researchers interested in the dynamics of post-traumatic growth, describe certain conditions that might be necessary to allow people to experience such growth. For example, it is often necessary for some time to pass, victims must resolve the emotional damage caused by trauma and try and find some meaning in it, and people need to reshape and redefine assumptions and belief systems that were shattered. 

If you have found that your life has changed in some unexpected way since 9/11, we encourage you to share this with us and allow us to pass your experience on to other readers who may benefit from it.  Please send you submission by April 4, 2007 to info@familiesofseptember11.org.

While we may not be able to incorporate all stories, we will try to include those which we feel may be appropriate and helpful to our readers. Please be aware that by submitting your comments, you are granting FOS11 permission to post your story in the newsletter and edit and/or shorten it as required. 

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