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July 13, 2007

CONNECTIONS for Teens ages 12-14

Meet new friends and re-connect with old ones!
Join our chat room!

Families of September 11, in partnership with The Good Grief Program of Boston Children’s Medical Center, are offering you a chance to connect with other teens in a safe online environment.

Sign up for our first session on Tuesday, July 24th from 7:00 – 8:00 PM and talk with other teens who were also affected by the events of 9/11 and have similar thoughts, concerns, questions and experiences to share.

You will get a chance to suggest talk topics too! The environment is safe, secure and supportive.

We will talk about an issue during each session which will be facilitated by FOS11 Advisory Board member, Dr. Donna Gaffney and administered by FOS11 staff, Janie Wong (click here to learn more about them).  This new project is an outgrowth of the success and popularity of the Families of September 11 Chat Program. This online support group for adult family members, survivors, and anyone affected by 9/11 began in 2004.

Note to parents: We are committed to making this a safe online environment for teens.  This Teen Chat program requires enrollment, secure sign-in and permission forms will be required.

You can join The Teen Chat Program now!

Parent Permission Form: If you are under 18, we need this permission form signed by your parent/guardian and returned to us via fax or US mail.

To Enroll: click the link and follow the directions below.
For directions using the actual screens you will see when you enroll, click here. When you click on the link above to enroll you will then:

  • First use your FOS11 membership username and password to get to the chat registration (if you don’t know your membership information, you may retrieve it or re-register by clicking here.
  • Then, create a specific chat name and password for this chat.  Your chat name and password should use only letters - do not use numbers or symbols.  You can re-use your chat name and password for subsequent chats. 
  • A few minutes later you will receive a confirmation email that you are enrolled which also includes the link to use on the day of the chat, to get into the chat.

On the day of the chat:

  • Log-in to the chat 15 minutes before the chat is scheduled to begin.  Click on the link that was sent in the email (mentioned above).  Be sure to use your FOS11 membership username and password and your chat name and password when prompted.
  • Your computer may then prompt you to install Java.  You need an upgraded version of JAVA to participate in the chat.  Allow the chat interface to direct you to the upgrade, then you click "yes" to upgrade, and the JAVA wizard will walk you through the process.  It may take a few minutes, but it is not difficult.
  • If you experience any problems during this process, call (212) 575-1878 or email chathelp@familiesofseptember11.org and describe the issue you are having and give us your contact information, so we can help you through the log-in.