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November 6, 2007

FOS11 Statement Regarding TSA Program

Through years of advocating to TSA for improved aviation security, Carie Lemack, President of The Camilla Group, LLC, in association with Families of September 11, was able to embark on an education awareness campaign with Transportation Safety Officers (TSOs) across the country.  This program was conceived in 2006 and began as a full-fledged initiative this past spring.  It has enabled, to date, 9/11 family member and survivor volunteers to speak at more than 10 airports, addressing hundreds of airport screeners.  Volunteers have an opportunity to share their story and their thoughts about aviation security and its importance in our nation’s homeland security.  The Camilla Group, LLC was contracted by TSA to coordinate this nation-wide program for approximately one year.  The contracts used to undertake this national initiative have been carefully reviewed by Families of September 11 and comply with all our operating procedures.

We have been and are able to offer this unique volunteer opportunity to our members and hear first-hand from security personnel complaints, frustrations and problems they encounter in the performance of their jobs.  Families of September 11, in association with The Camilla Group, LLC has played and continues to play a constructive role as a non-partisan advocate for citizen’s concerns and safety, helping bolster the morale and job performance of front-line Transportation Security Officers and providing a channel for suggestions and criticisms to reach advocates who are in a position to call for changes in the system that ensure the safety of our skies.

Just as we have promoted this program and invited the involvement of our members, we welcome member feedback.  Should anyone have any questions or suggestions, please call (212) 575-1878 or email info@familiesofseptember11org.  For more information about the program, please feel free to visit http://www.familiesofseptember11.org/tsa.aspx.

Families of September 11 and Carie Lemack have spent 6 years working with others for improved aviation security and remain committed to advocating for continued improvements whether in terms of government policy or in the personal efforts of TSA airport screeners.