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July 10, 2008

Dear FOS11 Member,

Please see the announcement below from the MA 9/11 Fund about three memorial projects.

The MA 9/11 Fund is pleased to bring you the convenient opportunity to work locally on three memorial projects in one day. On Monday, August 4th at the Newton History Museum, the MA 9/11 Fund will host the National September 11th Memorial and Museum, StoryCorps, and our own Commemoration consultant, Jonathan Barkan. The centerpiece of this day is a lunchtime presentation by the National September 11th Memorial & Museum, where family members will learn about the efforts underway in New York to honor loved ones lost on 9/11 and to educate the public about the attacks. In addition, family members will also learn more about how to donate personal memorabilia to the Memorial and Museum. Family members can participate in this day by signing up for any and all of the following events:

National September 11th Memorial & Museum Lunchtime Presentation & Discussion 12:00 – 1:00
Representatives from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum including Jan Ramirez, Chief Curator and Director of Collections; Amy Weinstein, Associate Curator and Oral Historian; and Caitlin Zampella, Director of Program Partnership Initiatives will lead an hour-long lunchtime presentation and discussion about the Memorial Museum’s progress to date. In addition, they will be available throughout the day to answer any questions you may have and to review any materials you may wish to consider donating to the Memorial Museum. Items being sought at the moment include (but are not limited to) items worn or carried during evacuation and rescue operations, copies of voicemails, text and email messages sent on 9/11, items (including photographs) which may have been returned to you by NYPD, program materials reflecting ceremonies and other projects undertaken by survivors to mark recovery and healing, and materials illustrative of any kindness and compassion extended to you or from you.

StoryCorps – Individual Appointments Available from 10a – 5:00p
StoryCorps is a national oral history project with a special focus on September 11th. Family members will be interviewed by trained StoryCorps staff in a soundproof location regarding their memories of their loved one lost. These interviews will be scheduled throughout the day in one hour appointments, starting at 10, with the last one at 4. At the end of each appointment, family members will receive a copy of their recording in a CD, and additional copies will be archived at the National September 11th Memorial and Museum (a StoryCorps partner), as well as the Library of Congress. To learn more about this project, please contact Caitlin Zampella at the National September 11th Memorial & Museum at (212) 312-8788 visit StoryCorps’ web site at:  http://www.storycorps.net/special-initiatives/september-11th.

MA 9/11 Fund Montage Voiceovers –
Individual Appointments Available from 10a – 5:30p

MA 9/11 Fund Commemoration consultant Jonathan Barkan will record brief interviews of family members regarding their recollections and their forward growth since September 11th, for use as potential voiceovers of this year’s video montage. Interviews will be scheduled throughout the day in 30 minute appointments. To view the video montage as it exists today, please visit the MA 9/11 Fund web site at: www.massfundmedia.org.

Family members who want to sign up for the Memorial & Museum lunchtime presentation, or who want to make an individual appointment with StoryCorps or MA 9/11 Fund’s Jonathan Barkan, should contact Diane Nealon at the Fund on or before July 21, 2008. Diane can be reached either by phone at 617-482-8156 or by email at diane.nealon@massfund.org. Please note, individual appointments will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, although we will do our best to make this as convenient as possible for all. The Newton History Museum is located at 527 Washington St., Newton, MA, 617-796-1450 (http://www.ci.newton.ma.us/jackson/contact/index.asp).