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September 8, 2009

Dear FOS11 Members,

As you are aware, Families of September 11 has always collaborated with other organizations which serve the 9/11 community and provide important information and promote understanding about the events of 9/11. One such group is the Tribute WTC Visitor Center which offers visitors to the World Trade Center site a place where they can connect with people from the September 11th community and gain a clearer understanding of how this tragedy has affected all of us.


As we approach the 8th anniversary, the Tribute WTC Visitor Center invites those personally affected by September 11, 2001, to volunteer by sharing their stories with visitors from around the world. The Tribute Center, located on Liberty Street, is a museum dedicated to preserving the memory of the World Trade Center, the events of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993. Volunteers lead walking tours, gallery guide, and work on administrative projects. Volunteer hours are flexible and can be scheduled 7 days a week, with a minimum commitment of 4 hours per month. If you are interested, please contact Tracy Grosner, Volunteer Program Coordinator, 212.422.3520, ext. 112, volunteer@tributewtc.org



Tracy Grosner

Volunteer Program Coordinator

September 11th Families' Association

Tribute WTC Visitor Center

22 Cortlandt Street, Suite 801

New York, NY 10007

office 212.422.3520 x 112

cell 917.596.6684