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August 3, 2010

Dear FOS11 Members, 

The Global Survivors Network (GSN) aims to empower the survivors of terrorist attacks by making their voices heard. GSN, which was cofounded by former FOS11 Board Member Carie Lemack, has sponsored events in Jakarta, Indonesia and Lahore, Pakistan, with its members helping to establish local associations to raise awareness of the needs and stories of those impacted by terrorist acts. 

To highlight the experiences of those directly and indirectly affected by acts of terror,  GSN has partnered with Moxie Firecracker Films to create a documentary film, called Killing In the Name, directed by Jed Rothstein. The film was recently named best documentary at the LA Shorts Fest '10. The documentary centers on Jordanian Ashraf Khaled, who lost his father and in-laws in one of the 2005 Amman hotel bombings when his wedding party was targeted by suicide bombers sent by Al Qaeda in Iraq. To learn more about this powerful film, visit the GSN website.