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August 28, 2003

Wrongful Death Claims must be Filed by September 10, 2003

The deadline to file either a complaint or a notice of claim for wrongful death lawsuits is September 10.  Families may wish to file a notice of claim if they are still considering filing in the VCF.  Feinberg has said that if families file a notice of claim, they will not waive their right to file with the VCF, as long as they withdraw their notice before filing with the VCF.

Some firms handling wrongful death lawsuits include:

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, Guildford & Chive
Paul Hedlund, John Greaves, Robert Guilford, Mary Schiavo

Baumeister & Samuels
Michel Baumeister, Douglas Latto, Dorothea Capone

Hanly & Conroy
Paul Hanly, Jayne Conroy

Kreindler & Kreindler

James Kreindler, Noah Kushlefsky, Brian Alexander

Motley Rice
Ronald Motley, Jodi Flowers
This list was compiled from the Master Complaint filed in the wrongful death suits. There are other firms/lawyers handling these cases. Family members are encouraged to contact their lawyers, or any of these lawyers, or search for other attorneys handling these cases.