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November 25, 2003

Dear Members,
We encourage everyone to call and keep the pressure on the 9/11 Commission to get full access to the PDB’s. We were told that the 9/11 Commission is getting many e-mails and phone calls and that we need to keep the pressure on. We can make a difference.
Please call the commission and send an e-mail to:

Washington Office
Tel: (202) 331-4060
Fax: (202) 296-5545 info@9-11Commission.gov mailto:info@9-11Commission.gov

New York Office
Tel: (212) 264-1505
Fax: (212) 264-1595
info@9-11Commission.gov <mailto:info@9-11Commission.gov> 

Family Liaison Office
Tel: (212) 264-1505
Toll-Free: 1-888-862-0556
Fax: (212) 264-1595
ehartz@9-11Commission.gov <mailto:ehartz@9-11Commission.gov> 

Tell them that you are not happy about the agreement with the White House that you are looking for full access and full accountability. Additionally, the selection of Zelikow and Gorelick for the review team is totally unacceptable. This is hurting the integrity of the commission.
Please keep those phone calls coming!