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Families of September 11 is now operating as the For Action Initiative. The web pages on this site are available for informational purposes only. Please visit us at www.foractioninitiative.org.

Bulletin Board - General Comments

General Comments  |  Children's Issues

September 9, 2008
I am not a family member but i did lose someone that i had dated years before he perished on 9/11. His name was Steven Cafiero. He was a sweet and wonderful man. My life has never been the same. I think because i was not actually still in touch with him people think its like he was just another name on the long list, but for me, i remember his face, his kisses and his laughter. I feel i lost someone and i am not sure anyone understands. i wonder if there are other people in my situation. i guess there must be hundreds... For most people a terrible tradgedy but then u see an ex boyfriend, or an old friend or a kid u went to elementary school on that long list and your life changes.... One thing i do know, is i appreciate things even more now. I have a 3yo daughter and cherish her every day, so for that i have to thank Steven Cafiero. god bless his family and all the families of the 9/11 victims... Submitted by Lulu

September 9, 2008
Hello and i just wanted to write to the families of September 11. I am a motorcycle rider that rides with the Americas9/11 foundation.org each year hundreds of motorcyclists ride to all three crash sites , this year there was a memorial service at the flight 93 crash site and then some of us got to visit the not open to the public yet memorial there. Then we rode to New York to Ground Zero. One of the survivors Richard Pinnavaia rode with us and told his story from tower 2 many of the riders that ride with us are firefighters and first responders to all three sites. Police also. You can log onto americas911foundation.org to see the pictures from this years ride including even a Maryland police helicopter who followed through Maryland. It is important to us very much that America does not forget I asked the Leesburg Virginia fire truck to carry the flag of heroes to all three crash sites and they did . I got the flag back in New York City Sat night and carried it into the City with me. The flag has now gone full circle and will be shared with police and fire companies alike. Its important that i convey to you all the people that come out along the highways and over passes and businiesses especially in Virginia . The streets are lined with people coming out of their job sites and handicapped children with flags sitting out in their wheelchairs , people waving american flags every where and clapping in response that those innocent people who lost their lives that day will not be forgotten . I got chills and tears seeing americans have not forgotten and for businesses letting all their workers leave the buildings to wave american flags i wish you all could have shared in the amazing sites i have seen. Again you can log onto the site i have provided and see some of the things on the ride my pictures are posted also to the site under Victoria Ks pictures. I promise you all i will do my part in keeping your loved ones remembered and not to let america forget. God bless as Sept 11th draws near. I will be doing a picture presentation at a local concert in my home town with the flags also and a local newspaper is doing a article on it to help reminde America! Love and prayers to all! Submitted by Victoria K-A

September 9, 2008
As the anniversary approaches I pray for our families and I pray for our nation! Our God will comfort us. As a nation we need to come together and celebrate life, let's stop the brickering and senseless slander of one another. Peace - love one another! All we have is each other! God Bless us all. Submitted by Donna G

September 16, 2008
i dont know with what i have to say will end up in the hands of the ones that i want to read this but i have to try. this past anniversary i looked on the internet and it was like no one cared anymore about what happened. i was in the army for seven and a half years and i always wondered why i did it and then i got out but i was never prouder of the day when i saw what was happening and that was the day that i was proud to be who i was. i cannot take away the pain that any of you have endured from this tragedy but i can say that your husbands, wives, children, cousin, uncle or aunts gave up that day never made me prouder than what i feel right now and i owe that to them and i owe that to you. no one may ever understand what happened that day but that day i was ever more proud to be an american and i hope that in your hearts you know what i am trying to say. for all those people who chose to jump from the firey building to me that was an act of you know what you took your life for what ever reason be it too hot or not but you did it and they can never say they took your life. for all those people in the planes that knew what was going on you gave your lives for all of us to survive and until the day i die you will hold the greatest respect in my heart and to the ones who still have to suffer for their lost ones i will go through life knowing that you are my true heroes and always will be until the day i die. Submitted by, Elizabeth R.

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