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The activities of the summer and the approach of the third anniversary have had the effect of strengthening our 9/11 community. The family groups have united in support of the recommendations of the Independent Commission. Many of us have rallied behind the concept of One Day's Pay, so that September 11 becomes a day of service and volunteerism in a manner that celebrates the lives of those we loved.

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our chat program this month. Created in response to member feedback, the FOS11 Chat Program is an opportunity for you to meet online in a secure and supportive environment to exchange ideas with others in our "community" who are facing challenges and changes. Issues may range from coping and healing to the Commission recommendations; topics will be determined in advance by soliciting member feedback.

In addition, look for new features on our website in the upcoming months. As always, we want to hear from you. Send any photos, drawings or letters you would like to share with the FOS11 membership. Or post your thoughts on our Bulletin Board.

Issues Update

The 9/11 Commission Report
The Commission released its final report on July 22, 2004 (available here in PDF format). The report is available in bookstores nationwide and from the Government Printing Office. View the 41 recommendations from the 9/11 Commission Report as summarized by the Families of September 11. The recommendations are excerpted (with page numbers) from Chapters 12 and 13.

9/11 Commission Report Readings
Recently, we alerted FOS11 members in New England about a public reading of the 9/11 Commission Report organized by members of Congress. If you would be interested in attending or participating in a similar reading in your community, please contact us at

Congressional Hearings -- Schedule and Coverage
On Tuesday, August 17, Families of September 11 Board member Stephen Push along with Mary Fetchet and Kristen Breitweiser will testify before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. For links to testimony from past hearings and for a complete schedule of remaining hearings, click here. Visit the 9/11 Commission Caucus for the latest updates on the implementation of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations, as well as for information on pending legislation and upcoming congressional hearings and meetings.

Families of September 11 Board Member Robin Wiener Testifies Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform
The families of victims have asked that the Commission be kept alive to oversee the implementation of its recommendations. This bipartisan body is uniquely qualified to monitor implementation and to reassure the American people that the process is working -- that the progress being made by our elected leaders is furthering our security, and that all of the recommendations are properly implemented. Read the full testimony.

Upcoming Events

Nine Innings from Ground Zero -- August 17, 2004
Families of September 11 was invited to a private preview of the HBO Sports film "Nine Innings from Ground Zero," a documentary revisiting the role baseball played in New York's recovery after 9/11. We were asked to review for disturbing content. Although we found the film inspirational, there were indeed images that might upset families, children and others. Therefore, we requested that a warning be posted at the beginning of the film and after commercial breaks, which HBO has agreed to do. The film will debut on HBO on Tuesday, September 14, 2004. In addition, there will be a free screening open to the public in New York's Bryant Park on August 17 at sunset. As the three-year commemoration draws near, we remind family members that images of 9/11 are prevalent in the media. Please know that we are continuing our campaign against graphic and gratuitous imagery and are contacting media organizations to request that they be mindful and at least post warnings. We suggest you read Families of September 11 Advisory Board member Stefanie Norris's article on the potential impact of repetitive viewing of 9/11 images in the media.

We Remember Walk -- August 29, 2004
Family members of United Flights 93 and 175, American Airlines Flights 11 and 77, Pentagon families, World Trade Center families and survivors come together for this third annual remembrance walk in New York City. This event is organized by Time to Pray, Time to Remember in association with Staten Island’s St. Claire’s 9/11 Outreach Program. To find out more, click here.

Beyond the 11th -- September 9-11, 2004
Founded by Susan Retik and Patti Quigly, two women who lost their husbands on 9/11, Beyond the 11th offers financial and emotional support to widows who have been affected by the horrors of war and terrorism. In the process, they hope to promote deeper cross-cultural understanding by forging authentic and lasting connections between individuals and communities. For its first major fundraiser, Susan and Patti are planning to ride their bikes from Ground Zero back up to Boston. Their journey will begin on September 9, 2004, and end in Boston on September 11 where they hope to be joined by 200 riders to help them complete the final 30 miles of the journey. If you are interested in participating or donating to Beyond the 11th, you can find out more information at

Memorial Ceremony at Ground Zero -- September 11, 2004
There will be a Memorial Ceremony held at the World Trade Center site in New York City on Saturday, September 11, 2004. A formal notice is expected to be mailed to all families by next week. Family members who want to be included in a "lottery" to read should call (212) 442-8953. There will also be a representative from the ME's office in the family room at 1 Liberty Plaza from Friday-Sunday who can give family members ID cards which can be used to replace the P and T numbers that have been used to get information and admission into events. The Memorial Ceremony will follow closely the style/format of last year's ceremony, including: an early morning ceremony with full reading of victims' names and four moments of silence at times of impact and collapse; and a Tribute of Lights in the evening of 9/11. More information please contact For a listing of hotel and airline discounts, please click here.

For more events and anniversary memorials, please view our calendar. If you would like to tell us about a commemoration event in your area, please email us at


August FOS11 TOOL -- TARGET for Persons Affected by Mass Trauma
Each survivor's, responder's, and family's journey in the wake of mass trauma continues for a lifetime and takes a unique path, but there is one dilemma that all face: what to do when a sense of post-traumatic shock or loss interferes with the process of grieving, healing, and moving forward with life. Dr. Julian Ford, a Families of September 11 Advisory Board member, outlines steps you can take (known as TARGET and FREEDOM) for managing post-traumatic stress in daily life. Click here to learn more.

How to Stay Calm in a Changing World
The recent terror threat advisories remind us that we live in a difficult world. Sometimes it's hard to know how to process this information. Cathleen Henning offers tips for taking control in Your Guide to Panic/Anxiety Disorders. In Terror Threat Advisory and Your Kids, Vincent Iannelli, M.D., advises parents on what they can do to reassure their children. The American Psychiatric Association offers tips to parents and teachers for talking to children about war and terrorism. The APA has also released tips for adults coping with anxiety during high risk terrorist alerts. Another great resource is the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress,

9/11 Grief Survey -- Please Participate
Participants are still needed for a national survey on the unique impact of traumatic grief. Co-sponsored by Families of September 11, the study is being conducted by New York State Psychiatric Institute, the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the VA Boston Health Care System. Log onto to participate, or click here to read the press release.

WTC Health Registry
The deadline for enrollment in the World Trade Center Health Registry is August 31, 2004. More than 50,000 people have enrolled so far in the registry, which will monitor the long-term impacts of exposure. For more information on the registry, or to enroll, click here or call (866) 692-9827.

The September Project -- Help Commemorate September 11 at Your Local Library
On Saturday, September 11, 2004, people across the land will share ideas about democracy, citizenship, and patriotism. Locally organized, libraries, schools, and organizations will host talks, deliberations, and performances about issues that matter to their communities. Everyone is invited to participate in this project. The organizers extend a special invite to members of Families of September 11. They believe your voice -- your individual voice, your collective voice -- is sorely needed.  For that reason, they encourage you to approach a local public space like a library and see if they are planning events. If interested, offer yourself as a potential speaker, moderator, performer, and/or member of a roundtable. Spread the word about events to organizations to which you belong and suggest that they participate in some way on Saturday, September 11. To find out more, please visit the September Project website.

September 11 Tribute Music Available
Tony Noe, a New York singer/songwriter, has recently completed a three-song tribute album titled "September Trilogy." Family members can purchase this album directly by emailing Tony Noe at

For more resources, please click here.

Remember. Honor. Hope.
FOS11 offers a wrist band, in hope for a better future. Click here to learn more.

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