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Families of September 11 is now operating as the For Action Initiative. The web pages on this site are available for informational purposes only. Please visit us at www.foractioninitiative.org.

Our Supporters

Families of September 11 (FOS11) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends on support from foundations, corporations, institutions, and individuals in order to carry out its mission. We gratefully accept donations in support of our operations, programs, and initiatives. Categories of giving are outlined below. Also of critical importance to us is the variety of support we receive from our members, who have not only generously donated but have also written articles, participated in our polls and chats, provided us with valuable feedback, and encouraged us to continue our outreach and advocacy work.

Champion ($100,000 or more)

ACE INA Foundation
Clear Channel Communications
September 11 Recovery Grant from the American Red Cross Liberty Disaster Relief Fund
The 9/11 Robin Hood Relief Fund

Guardian ($25,000 or more)

Booz Allen Hamilton-Redskins Yards for Youth Program
FedEx Delivers
FOS11 Membership Contributions
National Philanthropic Trust/September 11 Children's Foundation
New York Credit Union Foundation
Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York
Sony Pictures Entertainment
The New York Times 9/11 Neediest Fund
The September 11th Fund

Benefactor ($10,000 or more)

CPAs In Support of America Fund
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
United Way Old Colony

Friend ($1,000 or more)

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Jean D. Rogér Family Sub-Fund
General Motors/ Adesa NJ
Greenfield Hill Congregational Church
Karaoke Fundraiser by Josh Arcus and Friends
Maurice's Sporting Goods
The Flemming Family Foundation
Tom Collins / Chris Panatier 9/11 Memorial Foundation

Donor (up to $100 or more)

Alpine Auto Sales Inc./ Nasser Sahlobei/Chase
Archbishop McNicholas High School
AT&T Community Giving Program Employee Donation
Australian Donor
Bennington Rotary Club
Club Chill
Commerce Bank
Day of Remembrance: 2006 Balloon Release Event
DDS Group
Good Cause Greetings
I Do Foundation
John Michael Williams Charitable Trust
Heavenly Brickks Charitable Foundation
Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
Livingston High School Russian Club
Notre Dame High School
Princeton Day School
Rutgers College
Seymour High School
St. Bartholomew School
St. Stephen's Methodist Church
The Tenth Street Church of Christ

Other Donations (Services, Goods, In-Kind)

Arent Fox
ColoSpace, Inc.
Internap Network Services
MacMillan Communications
New Tilt
New York Giants
Newmark Realty Company
Odell, Simms & Associates, Inc.
Podesta Mattoon
Prism Planning, Inc.
PR Newswire
Shawmut Printing
The Center for Survey Research and Analysis at the University of Connecticut

We would also like to acknowledge donations made in the memory of:

343 Firefighters of FDNY
Stephen Adams
Terence E. Adderley Jr.
Anna S.W. Allison
Janet M. Alonso
Joseph Amatuccio
John Andreacchio
Myra Aronson
Carl F. Asaro
Thomas Ashton
James Barbella
Christine Barbuto
Scott Bart
Paul Battaglia
Eric Bennett
Mark Bingham
Jeffrey Bittner
Susan Blair
Craig M. Blass
John Paul Bocchi
Deora Bodley
Mary Jane Booth
Donna Bowen
Gary Box
David Brian Brady
Daniel Brandhorst
David Brandhorst
Michelle Renee Bratton
Herman Broghammer
John E. Bulaga Jr.
Kathleen A. Burns
Steven Cafiero
Dennis M. Carey Sr
William J. Cashman
Leonard M. Castrianno
Michelle F. Cattone
Lauren Catuzzi-Grandcolas
Jeffrey M. Chairnoff
Michael J. Cunningham
Pat Cushing
Jeannine Damiani-Jones
James Debeuneure
Joseph Dickey
Lawrence Patrick Dickinson
Eric DiCarlo
Michael Diehl
Stephen P. Dimino
John Doherty
Robert Dolan
Kevin Donnelly
Thomas Dowd
Margaret Echtermann
Dennis Edwards
Alan Feinberg
Francis J. Feely
Karen Finn
John Fiorito
Ryan D. Fitzgerald
Dee & Buddy Flagg
Richard Floum
Carol Flyzik
Paul Friedman
Peter C. Fry
Paul Furmato
Peter Galinas
Ian J. Gay
Joseph Gorman
Sgt. Rodney Gillis
Dianne Gladstone
Barry H. Glick
Brian Goldberg
Manuel Gomez Jr.
Elaine Goodman
Peter Goodrich
Joseph Gorman
Ian J. Gray
Cindy Guan
Andrea Haberman
Peter, Sue and Christine Hanson
Frances Haros
John Patrick Hart
Michele Heidenberger
Edward R. Hennessy, Jr.
Thomas J. Hetzel
Tom Hobbs
Patrick A. Hoey
Cora Hidalgo Holland
Herb Homer
Angela Houtz
Kris Robert Hughes
Nick Humber
Todd Isaac
Virginia Jablonski
Robert A. Jalbert
Mark Jardim
Scott M. Johnson
Donald W. Jones
Mychal Judge
Joseph Kellett
Patricia A Kuras
Amy King
Chris Kirby
Andrew James Knox
Dorothy Kolpak
David Kovalcin
Joe Lipari
Mary Lou Langley
Judy Larocque
Nicolas Lassman
Alicha C. Levin
Tom Linehan
Christopher E. Lunder
Sara Low
Robert Lynch
Matilda Mackey
Mildred Maddalena
Joseph Maffeo
Ron Magnuson
Daniel J. Maloney, Sr.
Sara Manley
Hilda Marcin
Peter Edward Mardikian
Darlene Mares
Betsy Martinez
Patricia Massari
Joseph Mathai
Timothy Maude
Scott M. McGovern
Mark R. McGinly
Michael McGinty
Stacy Sennas McGowan
Phyllis G. Meluso
Patty Dillaber Mickley
Jeffrey P. Mladenik
Kristen Montanaro
Carlos Manuel Morales
Lindsay S. Morehouse
Steven P. Morello
Yvette Nicole Moreno
Christopher Morrison
Peter C. Moutos
Renee Newell
Tim O'Brien
Edward Oliver
Barbara Olson
Betty Ann Ong
Virginia Ormiston
Peter Ortale
Dr. Michael Packer
Diana B. Padro
Jerrold H. Paskins
Salvatore Pepe
Matthew Picerno
Jim Potorti
John Puckett
Joseph Pycior
Laura Marie Ragonese-Snik
Lisa J. Raines
Robert A. Rasmussen
Donald J. Regan
Richard Rescorla
Todd Reuben
John M. Rigo
Antionio Rocha
John M. Rodak
Gregory Rodriguez
Jean Rogér
Ray Romano
Sheryl Rosenbaum
Nicholas Rossomondo
Wayne Alan Russo
Scott Saber
Jessica Leigh Sachs
John Salamone
Richard Salinardi
James K. Samuel Jr.
Michael San Phillip
Michael Seaman
George and Diane Simmons
Arthur Simon
Kenneth A. Simon
Marianne Simone
Christine Snyder
Astrid Sohan
William Steckman
Michael James Stewart
Tim Stout
Madeline Amy Sweeney
Mike Taylor
Clive "Ian" Thompson
Stephen Tighe
Michael Tinley
Stephen King Tompsett
Amy Toyen
Jim Trentini and Mary Trentini
Donald J. Tuzio
Michael A. Uliano
Erica Vanacker
Chris Vialonga
Honor Elizabeth Wainio
Benjamin Walker
Michael Wholey
Jeff Wiener
David H. Winton
Christopher W. Wodenshek
Mick Workman
Abe Zelmanowitz
Joseph Zuccala


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